let's get to know each other

Hello, I'm Courtney

I grew up watching my father run his photography studio. To see special occasions turn into beautiful portraits from the time I was young; I knew I wanted to do that for people too.
Fast-forward to 2021 I made the jump to being a full-time photographer traveling through-out Michigan. I fell in love with capturing genuine, pure connections between lovers and families. Getting to know so many different love stories is my favorite part of this job.

Voyage Michigan Interview
Second Photographer/Car Photography

Meet Max!

My husband Max is my partner at every wedding or big event we photograph! He's been by my side since I first started my photography journey, and has grown so incredibly much. He enjoys taking photos of the groomsmen and getting to meet so many amazing new people! Max also loves cars and car photography as well!

Life Outside of Photography

When I'm not behind the lens you'll probably find me at home spending time with my husband and three cats, or I love volunteering at the Humane Society cuddling all the sweet animals!
My husband and I also love going to concerts, I love live music, and getting to go with my favorite person. I'm also a huge book reader, whatever catches my attention romance, fantasy, non-fiction, I enjoy them all!

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..

I want to preserve as many memories as possible for you to look back on.

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